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Current Genetics Update: Youreka Science’s video – He’s Got his Mother’s Eyes and His Father’s Mutations

Current Genetics Update is happy to host a guest post and video by Florie Charles, founder of Youreka Science! pgEd agrees on how important these concepts are, and love Florie’s fun, engaging style. Check it out!

In an online video series, Florie Charles, a PhD graduate student at UCSF and the founder of Youreka Science, communicates novel scientific findings to the public. One of her latest videos highlights an exciting genetics finding that relates to the way we inherit our DNA from our parents. The general rule is that we inherit half of our DNA from our mother and half of our DNA from our father. However, we can sometimes inherit a mutation, or a change in the DNA sequence, from our father or our mother that is not found in either one of our parents. This new piece of DNA provides a source of genetic variation that can contribute to human health. Find out what influences the transmission of these mutations and how they may affect one’s health!! To watch more science videos, visit the Youreka Science website at