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Current Genetics Update: Youreka Science’s video – He’s Got...

Current Genetics Update is happy to host a guest post and video by Florie Charles, founder of Youreka Science! pgEd agrees on how important these concepts are, and love Florie’s fun, engaging style. Check it out! In an online video series, Florie Charles, a PhD graduate student at UCSF and the founder of Youreka Science, […]

Current Genetics Update – Aggression, Genetics and Complexity

pgEd recently unveiled a new lesson plan, “Genes, Environment and Genetic Complexity: Genetics and Aggression.” Like all of our materials, it is aligned with the Common Core and freely available on our Lesson Plans page. This lesson was developed in response to questions we were seeing in the classroom, and it took a new urgency […]

Current Genetics Update – Teaching about BRCA and risk in the classroom

Movie star and philanthropist Angelina Jolie’s recent disclosure in the New York Times that she underwent a preventative double mastectomy to lower her risk of breast cancer has put genetic testing in the limelight in a way that doesn’t happen very often. pgEd appreciates Jolie’s and many other’s effort to present this story and more […]