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Current Genetics Update: Shedding light on DNA’s “dark matterR...

Florie Charles has created another wonderful video at Youreka Science, this time helping us understand: What is going on with the parts of our DNA sometimes referred to as “dark matter”?  Florie uses her clear, concise teaching style to talk about DNA and skin cancer. Her video is a particularly great tool for those of […]

Henrietta Lacks, The Lacks family and the NIH-Current Genetics Update

The NIH has recently announced an agreement with the Lacks family regarding the future use of the HeLa cell line.   We know many biology, history and ethics classes use Rebecca Skloot’s wonderful book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, to introduce key concepts about everything from cell biology to informed consent to race relations […]

Current Genetics Update: Mitochondrial DNA transfer (“three-parent” IVF) regu...

pgEd was delighted to have Hadley Stevens Smith as an intern this summer. Hadley’s guest post about mitochondrial DNA transfer for Current Genetics Update is below. Thank you Hadley for this detailed overview of the scientific and ethical issues! The UK government’s health department is drafting regulations that would cover an ethically controversial new in […]

Current Genetics Update: The Supreme Court, DNA collection and gene patents

In the past several weeks, the US Supreme Court has issued two major decisions that impact the field of personal genetics.  First, the Court rules that human genes cannot be patented.  The case involved the patents on the BRCA 1 and 2 genes, the very same genes in the news recently thanks to Angelina Jolie’s […]