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First GINA case resolved in court

The first case under the Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act (GINA) went to court to decide whether employers can collect DNA from employees in order to resolve a situation of misconduct. As Nita Farahany describes in the Washington Post article “Test for ‘Devious Defecator’ was Unlawful, Judge Rules,” the legal issue started when a grocery warehouse company realized it […]

1st ever Map-Ed competition – the results!

Scientists and staff here in our Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School just wrapped up pgEd’s first ever Map-Ed competition, going head-to-head to see who could bring in the most pins to Map-Ed. Eighteen teams signed up, and we gave each team its own link to the quizzes (thanks to Autodesk and Sigma-Aldrich for their on-going support for […]

On the cutting edge – prenatal screening, newborn sequencing, genetic e...

From the research laboratory to the doctor’s office, genetics is in the news all the time. Looking for something to read on a snowy day? Here’s a sampling of what we’re reading. From the clinic, hear about how genome sequencing helped diagnosis and treat a toddler’s condition. Check out the discussion on a new option for prenatal testing, […]

On the cutting edge – fighting antibiotic resistance and cancer, probin...

Learn about the latest strategies that geneticists are developing to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria and new hopes for fighting cancer by learning from patients who have responded exceptionally well to treatment. Listen to a TED talk from pgEd friend and clinical geneticist, Wendy Chung, who is exploring the genetic basis of autism. Explore the complex relationship between your genes and your traits as […]