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The search for genes related to IQ continues

NPR’s Maanvi Signh covers a recent paper from Nature Communication about the intersection of genetics, environment and IQ in twins. Always a big topic when pgEd visits classrooms, we appreciate this piece of the article quoting researcher Robert Plomin, “The researchers also analyzed the participants’ DNA, in hopes of turning up a particular gene or set of genes shared by people with high math or reading ability — genes that were, perhaps, missing in people with low abilities. (Some earlier, smaller studies had suggested such highly influential gene variants might exist). But no particular gene or sets of genes emerged. That may be because a lot — maybe thousands — of genes may be involved in helping to shape these abilities, Plomin says.”

Math Nerd or Bookworm? Many of the Same Genes Shape Both Abilities” by Maanvi Singh, NPR.

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