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“You are not alone: The microbiome.” Play the game!

pgEd’s newest quiz, “You Are Not Alone: The Microbiome” is live and ready for people to make their way through the questions, learn about the bacteria that are an essential part of our bodies (yes: yours, mine, newborn babies, everyone!), and pin yourself on our world map! To play, go to Map-Ed.

We cannot resist mentioning that our first pin on map for the microbiome quiz  is thanks to none other than Professor Rob Knight!  We suspect he did well on the quiz – how about you?


Special thanks to the technical team of Carlos Olguin and Florencio Mazzoldi at Autodesk, Dave Bozzi of DB Design, and Justin Brooks and Jason Landfried at SADA Systems for bringing this new quiz and our new map to life.

pgEd also thanks Harvard Medical School PhD students, Benedikt Bauer, Chen Li Chew, Natalie Hendrick, Ilana Kelsey, Zecai Liang, Dominick Matos, Kristen Mengwasser, David Radke, Millie Ray, and Aswin Sekar, for working with pgEd to develop the microbiome quiz and a number of other quizzes in the works.

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