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Current Genetics Update: Shedding light on DNA’s “dark matterR...

Florie Charles has created another wonderful video at Youreka Science, this time helping us understand: What is going on with the parts of our DNA sometimes referred to as “dark matter”?  Florie uses her clear, concise teaching style to talk about DNA and skin cancer. Her video is a particularly great tool for those of […]

Canada’s Globe and Mail coverage of personal genetics: “Our Time ...

The Globe and Mail has assembled a wonderful set of articles, polls, and videos about personal genetics, in large part to bring awareness to the launch of the Personal Genome Project – Canada. The series is called “Our Time to Lead.”  The polls that look at Canadian’s attitudes about genetic testing are worth a look, […]

“How Synthetic Biology Will Change Us” – An interview with ...

George Church, Harvard geneticist and someone we are thrilled to call an ally in our education mission, has a new book out called “Regenesis“.  While we await our copy from our local bookseller, you can get a sense of  Dr. Church’s latest effort thanks to NBC’s Digital science editor Alan’s Boyle’s interview on his blog, Cosmic Log.  We […]


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