Personal Genetics Education Project


New Lesson Plan – Understanding eugenics using primary sources

We are excited to share our newest lesson plan, “Using primary sources to understand eugenics.” Students are invited to explore the origins and execution of the American eugenics movement in the early part of the 20th century by studying this collection of original documents and images. The lesson contains background reading, slides with detailed teacher notes, […]

Current Genetics Update – pgEd’s newest lesson, “History, E...

One of the biggest concerns we hear at pgEd is that the advances in genome sequencing may lead to “designer babies” and a future in which diversity is lost because parents will genetically engineer their child to be the “best” child possible. Many people have seen the movie ‘Gattaca’, where it is predetermined at birth […]

New Lesson Plan: Genetics, Jobs, and Discrimination

pgEd is excited to offer a new lesson plan: “Genetics, Jobs, and Discrimination.” Students will participate in a jigsaw after reading about the protections afforded by the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act (GINA), and  different cases in which genetics played a role in whether a worker was hired or fired. Students discuss, teach other students, and […]

Professional development workshop for teachers – July 11 & 12 in B...

pgEd recently conducted a very successful two-day summer institute for teachers, where teachers from the New England area were able to join us for two days to deeply examine the big issues in personal genetics. They left with an array of tools, resources and knowledge to tackle some of the trickest and most important questions […]