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GETed 2013 publication: Accelerating public awareness in the age of personal ...

“Conference Scene: Accelerating public awareness in the age of personal genetics“, our latest article highlighting the work accomplished at the GETed 2013 meeting, has been published in the latest edition of Personalized Medicine. Authors Marnie Gelbart and Chris Gunter showcase some of the exciting and challenging topics we tackled, review pgEd’s new projects such as […]

pgEd’s Resource Center, now live thanks to our GETed attendees!

pgEd hosted our second GETed conference this spring, and we are still seeing so many wonderful collaborations and creative ideas come to life as a result of the meeting.  We asked our attendees:  Can you tell us about a resource, project or organization that people interested in accelerating awareness about personal genetics need to know […]

What’s your favorite genetics, bioethics, science and society book?

We asked the GETed 2013 attendees to tell us about their favorite books about genetics, bioethics, and science and society. pgEd’s eyesight is such that this picture (see below) doesn’t quite do the trick, so the transcribed list is here. GETed speaker Jay Clayton also told us about the Literature, Film and Genetics project that compiled and […]

Genomes, Environment and Traits conference in Boston, April 25-26

The annual Genomes, Environments and Trait conference, organized by our friends at the Personal Genome Project is upon us.   As usual, they have arranged a fascinating, interdisciplinary line up of speakers  – and at the heart of the meeting are the participants in the PGP study.  Our own Marnie Gelbart will be speaking, highlighting […]