Personal Genetics Education Project

GETed 2013 Agenda

Friday, April 26th

12:00 pm    Registration

01:00 pm    Lunch

01:45 pm    Welcome
                     Ting Wu, Marnie Gelbart, and Cliff Tabin

02:00 pm    Human behavior/cognition/violence/microbiome
                     Moderator: Joshua Buckholtz

                     Presenters: Tracy Gunter, Rob Knight, and Elise Robinson

03:15 pm    Break

03:30 pm    Working groups on behavior

04:45 pm    Break

05:00 pm    Grassroots: Raising awareness about genetics across communities
                     Moderator: Ting Wu
                     Presenters: Maria Gomez and Anna Schachter

06:15 pm    Engaging the Political Sphere
Moderator: Ting Wu
                     Presenter: Edward Ramos

06:45 pm    Break

07:00 pm    Reception and dinner
                     Game Plans: Tables will tackle ‘2013 Challenges’ and present their ideas
                     Introduced by Jack Bateman 

Saturday, April 27th

08:00 am    Breakfast

09:00 am    Behavior working group reports

09:30 am    Rapid-fire discussion to aggregate resources and identify gaps
                     Discussion led by Dana Waring

10:15 am    Break

10:45 am    Entertainment and media as tools for advancing genetics awareness
                     Moderator: Paul Szauter

Ann Merchant, Jay Clayton, and Tom Chehak

12:oo pm    Lunch

01:00 pm    Personal choices: Conversations at the intersection of genetics and reproduction 
                     Moderator: Chris Korey

Louise Wilkins-Haug, Amy Wilstermann, and Alison Piepmeier

02:15 pm    Break

02:30 pm    Working groups on reproduction

03:45 pm    Break

04:00 pm    Reproduction working group reports

04:30 pm    Wrap-Up