Personal Genetics Education Project

Ting visits Capital City Public Charter School in Washington, DC

Ting spent a most enjoyable May 2nd at Capital City Public Charter School (Washington, D.C.) with three of Ms. Schroeter’s Biology classes, Ms. Nordeen’s Biology class, and Mr. Hipkins’ History class. The conversations were great, covering topics ranging from preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to eugenics. Two classes also considered the implications of genetic information for organizations, such as NASA, which are aiming to put people on Mars!

130502CapitalCity-1CroppedWe were joined earlier in the day by Ms. Gambino, an Online Reporter for the Smithsonian Institution. Ms. Gambino sat in on two of Ms. Schroeter’s classes and then interviewed several students to learn their viewpoints regarding what they had learned about personal genetics (photo: Ms. Schroeter is third from the right, and Ms. Gambino is wearing a yellow name tag).

We hope that the students (and friends, family, other teachers and staff at CCPCS will take a few minutes to play our genetics education game – Map-Ed! Pin yourself on our global map!