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As genetic technologies become more widespread, how can our society ensure that education about and access to this information is available to all people? Our workshops explore examples of the hopes, realities and controversies in personal genetics and make connections to real world opportunities and conundrums your students and their families are likely to face in the coming years. They are designed for teachers from all disciplines, including biology, social studies, law, government, health, humanities and bioethics.

Join us for an upcoming workshop!

Register now for our “Genetics and Social Justice” workshop, which we are conducting several times this spring and summer. We will dive deeply into pgEd curricula, engaging with both the content and activities in the lessons. We will explore lessons including an Introduction to Personal Genetics, History and the Eugenics Movement, and Gene Editing. We will also discuss techniques for facilitating difficult conversations in the classroom. Stipend available; earn 10-18 professional development points.

March 31st – Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA: Register here.

April 19th (April vacation for most local schools) – Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA: Register here.

June 27th-29th – Brockton High School, Brockton, MA: Register here.

July 11th-12th – Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA: Register here.


For more information, please call (617) 432-1797, or email Lauren Tomaselli at

Interested in a PD in your area?

We offer workshops, ranging from a 1-2 hour session to a 3-day course for which we award professional development points. We also present at state, regional, and national teacher conferences. For more information about scheduling a pgEd professional development session in your school or district, please email Lauren Tomaselli at

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