Personal Genetics Education Project


Talking about DTC testing in Westbrook, Maine

pgEd is excited to visit Ms. Elsemore’s biology students at Westbrook High School in Maine next week. Dana has been following the discussion in this class from students’ blogs about direct-to-consumer genetic testing. This activity is part of a classroom debate adapted from pgEd’s lesson on “Direct-to-consumer genetic testing.”

“Why Do We Have to Learn This Stuff?” – A New Genetics for ...

Rosie Redfield has written a thought-provoking perspective for PLoS Biology about revamping genetics curricula.  Her article, focused on college courses, has clear implications for high schools as well.  She argues that the emphasis on Mendel and the historical perspective is propagating misconceptions about genetics and the connection between genotype and phenotype.  Indeed, this was a […]

pgEd at Brookline HS

Today, Marnie enjoyed her visit to Brookline High School in Brookline, MA to visit Mr. Carey’s AP biology class.  We talked about DNA sequencing technologies and the potential implications of these technologies for individuals, families, and society.  Congratulations to the graduating seniors.  Thanks for the engaging discussions on your last day of high school.

pgEd visits high schools in Washington D.C.

Fresh on the heels of GETed, Ting was down in Washington D.C. talking about personal genetics with high school students at Sidwell Friends and Capital City Public Charter School.  Thanks to all the students for your enthusiasm!