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Maine Science Teachers Association – highlighting Maria Palopoli’...

We had a great time at the Maine Science Teachers Association meeting this past Friday.  Thank you everyone who came to our workshop! pgEd’s session was concurrent with friend and Brunswick teacher Maria Palopoli’s session.  Despite our husbands having offices next door to each other, Maria and I actually found one another on our own, […]

Professional development workshop for teachers – July 11 & 12 in B...

pgEd recently conducted a very successful two-day summer institute for teachers, where teachers from the New England area were able to join us for two days to deeply examine the big issues in personal genetics. They left with an array of tools, resources and knowledge to tackle some of the trickest and most important questions […]

Research aims to improve personalized cancer care

Cancer is said to be a genetic disease.  This is not referring to the inheritance of cancer from one generation to the next.  Although there are examples of variants (mutations) in genes such as BRCA1 which signficantly increase an individual’s risk for developing cancer (for BRCA1, breast and ovarian cancer), this inherited predisposition makes up […]

New Lesson Plan: Athletes and sickle cell trait

We are pleased to offer another new pgEd lesson to start the new academic year: “Protecting Athletes with Genetic Conditions.“ This lesson is designed to get students thinking and writing about sickle cell trait, and what screening can mean to athletes and their families, teammates and coaches. Sickle cell trait and sports has been in the […]