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Back to school mini-lesson for teachers – NFL and genetic tests at the ...

DNA tests at a National Football League game? In September of 2017, genetic testing and biobanking company Orig3n partnered with the National Football League’s Baltimore Ravens to offer free genetic testing to 55,000 fans at a stadium. Ahead of the … Continue reading

Non-invasive genetic testing in pregnant women can lead to unexpected informa...

It was reported at the Future of Genomic Medicine conference that a genetic test in the early weeks of pregnancy unexpectedly led 26 women to a cancer diagnosis. Women seeking information about the genetic make-up of their fetus – using … Continue reading

Henrietta Lacks, The Lacks family and the NIH-Current Genetics Update

The NIH has recently announced an agreement with the Lacks family regarding the future use of the HeLa cell line.   We know many biology, history and ethics classes use Rebecca Skloot’s wonderful book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, … Continue reading

Canada’s Globe and Mail coverage of personal genetics: “Our Time ...

The Globe and Mail has assembled a wonderful set of articles, polls, and videos about personal genetics, in large part to bring awareness to the launch of the Personal Genome Project – Canada. The series is called “Our Time to … Continue reading

Talking about DTC testing in Westbrook, Maine

pgEd is excited to visit Ms. Elsemore’s biology students at Westbrook High School in Maine next week. Dana has been following the discussion in this class from students’ blogs about direct-to-consumer genetic testing. This activity is part of a classroom … Continue reading

“Why Do We Have to Learn This Stuff?” – A New Genetics for ...

Rosie Redfield has written a thought-provoking perspective for PLoS Biology about revamping genetics curricula.  Her article, focused on college courses, has clear implications for high schools as well.  She argues that the emphasis on Mendel and the historical perspective is … Continue reading


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