Personal Genetics Education Project

Roadtrip to Cleveland, OH

In early October, pgEd and the members of Ting’s research lab got on a bus to Cleveland, OH. On our way West, we visited Howe Cavern and spent a night at Niagara Falls. The sightseeing was spectacular and the trip was a great opportunity to strengthen the bonds between pgEd and some of the scientists that are at the forefront of genetics research.

In Cleveland, pgEd visited the Cleveland School of Science and Medicine where we talked about genome editing and CRISPR with 10(!) school classes. We estimate that we met over 250 students that day. On Saturday, we met with a group of students that are part of the bio-engineering program at the Great Lakes Science Center.

In between our visits, we were able to attend the scientific meeting for which Ting’s research lab had travelled to Cleveland. This was a great opportunity for us to stay up to date with the latest research.

pgEd is always excited to meet new people and to have conversations about genetics. If you are interested in a school visit, please click here.