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On the cutting edge – fighting antibiotic resistance and cancer, probing the genetic basis of autism, and more

OnTheCuttingEdge-3707633630_14910566ba_bLearn about the latest strategies that geneticists are developing to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria and new hopes for fighting cancer by learning from patients who have responded exceptionally well to treatment. Listen to a TED talk from pgEd friend and clinical geneticist, Wendy Chung, who is exploring the genetic basis of autism. Explore the complex relationship between your genes and your traits as researchers expand the number of genes linked to human height (over 400!) and identify 6 new genes linked to coffee consumption. Want to keep up with the cutting edge? Like us on Facebook to keep up with 2 or 3 posts from pgEd each week!

Rare cancer recoveries could be key to wider treatments
By Carolyn Y. Johnson, The Boston Globe
October 8, 2014

Deconstructing Height
Genes connected to human height now surpass 400
By Nancy Fliesler, Harvard Medical School News
October 7, 2014

Genes drive our coffee habits, study finds
By Geoffrey Mohan, Los Angeles Times
October 7, 2014

Battling superbugs
Two new technologies could enable novel strategies for combating drug-resistant bacteria.
By Anne Trafton, MIT News
September 21, 2014

Could Genetics Hold The Answer To Curing Autism?
By NPR/TED Staff, National Public Radio
September 12, 2014

Inclusion on our list does not imply any endorsement from pgEd. Also, there are many wonderful resources that we will not be able to cite, and we apologize in advance for works that we have not included.

Image credit: “Bootstrap DNA by Charles Jencks, 2003” by mira66 (CC BY 2.0)

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