Personal Genetics Education Project

Mapping Genetics Education: The Race is On!

pgEd has launched an exciting competition among scientists and staff in the Department of Genetics here at Harvard Medical School! Teams have signed up to help educate people in the US and around the globe about personal genetics. Participants are encouraging their friends and families to take our quizzes at, and whichever team collects the most pins wins. In the first day, over 1000 new pins appeared!

What is the challenge?

Map-Ed is designed to raise public awareness about genetics. Users take short quizzes on key concepts and topics in genetics and then enter their location (current location, home address, where they work, go to school, or where they were born – and just a zip code will suffice) to be represented as a red pin on our world map. The challenge is, as a lab or team, to get as many people as you can (friends, family, etc.) to take the Map-Ed quizzes and pin themselves on the map. We’re giving each team its own link to Map-Ed so we can track the number of pins each map gets.

Special thanks Autodesk and Sigma-Aldrich for their ongoing support of Map-Ed.

Stay tuned to find out which team will win!

Upcoming Events

Sat 20

American Society of Human Genetics 2018 annual meeting

October 16 - October 20
San Diego CA
United States
Mon 22

Maine Council for the Social Studies annual conference

October 22, 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
Augusta ME
United States
Thu 25

“Lives in Me” culture reveal

October 25, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Boston MA
United States

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