Personal Genetics Education Project

How are patients being impacted by new genetic therapies?

With the advent of CRISPR and the hopes associated with using genetic engineering to treat genetic diseases, it is challenging to keep up with the many reports of clinical trials, FDA approvals, and families hoping for help thanks to the use of gene therapy and gene editing. After years of research, several clinical trials are starting to release some results. Certain therapies have already been approved by the FDA and medical applications of gene editing and gene therapy are underway. These genetic technologies and the clinical trials that they are being applied in show a lot of promise. However, it is noteworthy that these studies are risky, and not always successful.

While pgEd is constantly updating our materials, we have compiled a few recent news stories here that may serve as a great introduction about the excitement, risks and access-barriers of genetic technology and health – as well as telling the stories of children and families who are pioneers in trying some of these approaches. pgEd has several lessons that provide extensive background and information about genetic technology, including “Introduction to Personal Genetics”, “Genome editing and CRISPR” and our new mini-lesson, “Claims of CRISPR being used to edit genomes of twin girls born in 2018.”

Recent news stories on genetic engineering: