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Friend of pgEd and Harvard scientist, Dr. Pardis Sabeti gives an excellent interview for Public Radio International here, explaining the status on the front lines of the Ebola epidemic from the viewpoint of a researcher. She speaks calmly about the crisis, praising Nigeria’s efforts to contain the virus and discussing how the virus has mutated, but doesn’t hold back, with a touching ode to a lost colleague and even a song of hope (video included). Last week, Pardis spoke at pgEd’s Congressional briefing, giving a report on diagnostic tests for Ebola as well as research efforts racing against the clock to analyze the genome of the Ebola virus.

For our part, we’ve created a new Map-Ed quiz on Ebola, including information on how Ebola spreads and how genetics is being used towards ending the epidemic. Check it out here, along with three other new quizzes you may not have seen yet. Be among the first to pin yourself on the map and share with friends.

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