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In the news: Error in study of ancient African genome led to incorrect conclu...

A few months ago we blogged about the publication of the first genome sequence from an ancient African, in which the authors concluded that an ancient “back migration” of humans from the Middle East into Africa had left traces of … Continue reading

In the news: Gene drive-based control of disease-carrying mosquitoes edges cl...

Two studies published in the past month marked significant advances in the potential for using gene drives to curb the spread of infectious diseases by targeting their insect carriers. A gene drive is a genetic system that allows a genetic … Continue reading

What is a gene drive?

A gene drive is a genetic engineering technique that efficiently “drives” an introduced DNA sequence to become inherited by all its offspring.  There is great interest in gene drives with the advent of CRISPR technologies, which simplify some of the technical aspects … Continue reading

In the news: Ancient African genome tells complex story of human genetic hist...

The first genome sequence of an ancient human from Africa was published earlier this month in the journal Science, shedding light on our species’s complex history of migration and genetic mixing. (“First ancient African genome reveals vast Eurasian migration,” Nature) In … Continue reading

In the news: Potential new approach to gene therapy for sickle cell disease

Last week, research published in the journal Nature demonstrated an approach based on the hot new gene editing technology, CRISPR, that might one day be used to treat sickle cell disease (SCD). (“CRISPR Exploits Vulnerability of Sickle Cell Disease,” Genetic Engineering … Continue reading

First GINA case resolved in court

The first case under the Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act (GINA) went to court to decide whether employers can collect DNA from employees in order to resolve a situation of misconduct. As Nita Farahany describes in the Washington Post article “Test for ‘Devious Defecator’ … Continue reading


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