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On the cutting edge – research taking aim at malaria, schizophrenia, an...

This week, we highlight articles from the cutting edge of genetics research, including a a proposal for using genome editing towards eradicating malaria, a massive study uncovering over 100 genetic markers linked to schizophrenia, and a strategy for improving drug discovery by honing in on genes that, when defective, protect the individuals who carry them […]

Twitch – a new documentary in which a young woman bravely shares her st...

This week, Marnie was thrilled to attend the Boston screening of Twitch, a poignant documentary by a courageous young woman named Kristen Powers, chronicling her mother’s diagnosis with Huntington’s Disease (HD) and her family’s story leading up to her decision to undergo genetic testing at the age of 18. Through interviews, the film shares the […]

On the cutting edge of personal genetics – frontiers in cancer therapeu...

This week, we have two stories from the front lines of research towards personalizing cancer treatments – a report of a non-invasive technique being developed to monitor the genetic make-up of tumors by isolating rare tumor cells from patients’ blood as well as a new study from the Cancer Genome Atlas uncovering mutations linked to tumor […]

On the cutting edge of personal genetics – a genetic variant that helps...

Summer is heating up, but the world of personal genetics is not slowing down. Highlights from this week include a study updating the estimates of the number of genes in the human genome, a list of five ways that your genes (in combination with your environment!) can impact your susceptibility to tooth decay, and a […]

On the cutting edge of personal genetics (7-2-14)

This week, check out an amazing story about how doctors sequenced a newborn’s genome in 10 days to guide treatment for a life-threatening heart condition called long QT syndrome. Then, learn about the accomplishments of research teams from around the globe working together to unravel the genetic underpinnings of this condition. Read about the technological […]

On the cutting edge of personal genetics (6-25-14)

This week, learn about research with important implications for heart disease and an investigation into a new blood test that may help transplant recipients. Read an interview with the scientist who sequenced the Neanderthal genome and a discussion of personal genome sequencing, the benefits as well as the ethical, legal, and social issues. Will Genome […]


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