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1st ever Map-Ed competition – the results!

Scientists and staff here in our Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School just wrapped up pgEd’s first ever Map-Ed competition, going head-to-head to see who could bring in the most pins to Map-Ed. Eighteen teams signed up, and we gave each team … Continue reading

On the cutting edge – prenatal screening, newborn sequencing, genetic e...

From the research laboratory to the doctor’s office, genetics is in the news all the time. Looking for something to read on a snowy day? Here’s a sampling of what we’re reading. From the clinic, hear about how genome sequencing helped diagnosis … Continue reading

On the cutting edge – fighting antibiotic resistance and cancer, probin...

Learn about the latest strategies that geneticists are developing to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria and new hopes for fighting cancer by learning from patients who have responded exceptionally well to treatment. Listen to a TED talk from pgEd friend and clinical geneticist, Wendy Chung, who is exploring the … Continue reading

Ebola, genetics, & Map-Ed

Friend of pgEd and Harvard scientist, Dr. Pardis Sabeti gives an excellent interview for Public Radio International here, explaining the status on the front lines of the Ebola epidemic from the viewpoint of a researcher. She speaks calmly about the … Continue reading

On the cutting edge – the frontlines of Ebola research and more

Featured this week is a report from the frontlines of the Ebola outbreak, highlighting how scientists are using sequencing as a tool towards curbing this epidemic. Learn about new research on Alzheimer’s disease and PTSD and read stories about genetic complexity, … Continue reading

On the cutting edge – genome editing and developing biomarkers for canc...

This week, read about research on the frontlines of genome editing, cancer therapeutics, and new tools for predicting transplant rejection. Check out how scientists are using the genome editing technology, CRISPR, to accelerate cancer research in mice and to repair … Continue reading


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